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(From the UK) Contrary to what I have seen morons write about lacrosse, I would state that, as some have said, it is an amazing sport in the same league of, say, rugby or football (personal opinion of course), lacrosse is played worlwide and is gathering momentum in Europe. The UK is a leading country in this field within Europe where lacrosse is played by men and women, the men's game here is - as I seem to understand it - the same as in the continent of North America.
Also, contrary to what a number misinformed individuals stated, women's lacrosse is not exclusively played by lesbians and does not discredit the sport at all. I presume these people have never been here or, a statement which is obviously true, have no idea what they are writing about.
Due to the differences in the involvement and development of the sport in the two above-mentioned continents, there are large skill differences in smaller levels, although this will hopefully be combated by the spread of this godly game throughout England, Scotland and Wales - all of which have large lacrosse organisations, although I doubt this would be registered by the ignorant many that scour this website, who are far too immersed in their own stupidity to realise the flaws in their primitive logic.
"The fastet game on two feet".
"Give Blood: Play Lacrosse".
by who knows but I March 30, 2006
the sport that all hot guys play, if you don't play lacrosse you're not hot.
-OMG he's so fucking hot
-that's cuz he plays lacrosse
by SlipKnot<3 October 23, 2008
The best sports ever invented
hey bro i play lacrosse
by bkhockey April 05, 2009
Lacrosse is proably the greatets sport ever to be created....who needs base/softball when you can bash people with a stick and actaully get some physical activity
Baseball has been considered Americas Pastime and favorite sport ..but techincally lacrosse was her first with Native Americans You baseball fans can do the math
by bbssbbsbbsbsd December 16, 2006
The BEST SPORT ever invented, props to the Iroquois!
Baseball fucking sucks compared to lacrosse, the end.
Dude let's go hit a baseball fucker in the head with a lacrosse ball.
by LAXER #1 October 15, 2005
the only sport where rich white people can be the best players in the world
lacrosse is the only sport where a guy from Chevy Chase, MD can be the best in the world. soft
by George Hugueley July 12, 2011
The greatest spring sport, tied with football for second best sport ever (second to hockey), and the sport which takes the most balls by far. Lacrosse requires strength skill speed and balls. Middies in lacrosse run enough to make baseballers look like crippled fags, and lax goalies are the only goalies who know what pain is, taking unbelievably fast speeding rubber bullets to the shins for the helluvit. People who think lax is for fags shouldnt be blamed cuz their legally retarded.
Lax also happens to be the most sexual sport to talk about.
tard: lacrosse is gay
lax player: ur gay
by Tim Jenkinson April 17, 2007