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The process of getting ready for a fight, stemming from the process of lacing up boxing gloves, or to beat or knock some one out in a fight.
1."You best get laced up sucka!"
2."He got laced up on Broadway by some fool he didn't even know"
by logikflux December 29, 2004
Person or thing that is well put together.
My mains is Laced up with the suit, wing -tips, and a pocket square to set it off.
by BNeeezy July 15, 2015
used to describe a new hair cut that is quite fresh, or more specifically describing someone with a nicely-done shape-up.
Dude, you are laced up! Look at that hair line!
A: Hey Kevin, hows it like being laced up?
B: Pretty sweet, Nick.
by A Breed of Sushi January 30, 2008
When marijuana is mixed in a dutch with cocaine.
Yo this sh** is laced up!
by Jason May 21, 2004
To knock someone out with one good punch to the head.
Yo' bitch, you gonna get LACED UP right here if you don't back off me.
by Steven September 08, 2003
When a girl goes down on you with no intention of getting sex.

It can also be said as: laced me up
1.laced up: You won't believe it. I was in the park with Marie and I got laced up.
2. laced me up: What happen last night with Marie? Oh, she laced me up.
by Christian North July 29, 2005
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