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The process of getting ready for a fight, stemming from the process of lacing up boxing gloves, or to beat or knock some one out in a fight.
1."You best get laced up sucka!"
2."He got laced up on Broadway by some fool he didn't even know"
by logikflux December 29, 2004
1. A large group of people
2. To move with a group of people
1."Did you see the freakin' mobb at the mall on black friday?
2."We mobbed it to that sucka's house, knocked down his door and smacked his ho in da mouf!"
by logikflux December 30, 2004
Alternative term for the word Penis as used in the ABC show Happy Endings.
Owww,... right in the Sex Nose!
by Logikflux May 02, 2011
The kidney fat that appears on a girl much too heavy for the largely popular low rise jeans look.
"Look at the GLH on that one, don't people own mirrors anymore?"
by logikflux December 29, 2004
An expression for the act of someone pulling out a firearm.
"this deal is bad, aw snap here comes the heater"
by logikflux December 29, 2004
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