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Any worker at one of the Department of Energy's National Laboratories, including Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Pacific Northwest, Savannah River, Oak Ridge, and any many more. The title is usually accompanied by lanyards with multiple security badges and Operational Risk Management (ORM) cards, pocket protectors, and glasses straight out of the Manhattan Project. Subjects scare easily and are often seen riding around on 1960's bicycles, reminiscing about "the old days", and attending fun conferences on the thermo nuclear fusion process and other easy-to-grasp concepts.
Dude, that Labbie needs to get out more.

It's OK, he is just a Labbie, he'll be fine once he calms down.
by NorCalLabbie January 31, 2011
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An employee of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Easily spotted for wearing name tags with their security clearance on them, taking two hour lunches, driving in a way that proves they don't have to punch a timecard, and essentially getting paid a good amount of money and benefits for doing nothing but pass around joke e-mails all day.
Don't bother going anywhere to eat in Los Alamos at noon, the place is swarmed with labbies.

There's nothing worse than serving a labbie with an attitude.

Wearing this nametag makes me feel like a labbie.
by AtomicKitten December 18, 2005
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