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We are trendy, we are hip. We live in NYC and can't seem to picture living anywhere else. We are known as the "private school of the public schools". We stand infront of Paradise before and after school (always drinking ice coffee) and In Union Square on weekends. We live for Chelsea Market, smoking "bogues" on the stoop across from Lab while having numerous run in's with Steve from Sex and the City. We live for the weekends, getting insanely high or getting drunk off 40ozs. We shop at Urban and we love ms. Weinstein. We are true slackers and we always come to class high. We live for the teachers at the YMCA for gym class. We are clicky, we are selfish, we collect Nike Sneakers. We hate sports, except basketball and soccer, except we always play high "TREES". We know everyone's business, so don't even try to hide your deepest, darkest secrets, we will find them out. We all hook up wtih the same people. We are anti-social to other schools, don't even try talking to us if you aren't one of us.
by hollerbackcrack December 29, 2005
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