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Someone who is addicted to being in lab, constantly running experiments, and can't stop to go home even though they know that it's healthy to maintain a personal life because they find themselves chained to their experiments through an obessive personality type.
I walked into lab at 2 in the morning to check on my bacteria and found that Suzie was still running a gel. What a lab rat (forget that I was there too...)
by pendragoness July 30, 2009
What people call a student that is part of the Labschool. People on the outside use this as an insult. people on the inside use this as a term of endearment. Labrats are some of the most interesting, funny, and awesome people in the school. The Labrat bond is like no other can't even be explained...words can't to it justice, it's just this If there are 2 Labrats in a room of 300 regular school students the labrats would subconciosly migrate toward each other by some unexplainable magnetic attraction thingy. And Labrat field trips are such kickass experiances.
"The Labrats are crazy!"
by The Anonymous Labrat September 15, 2004
A person who's used for experimental reasons. Similar to the phrase "Guinea pig".
" I'm not good at braiding hair, can I practice on you?"
"No, I'm not going to be your lab rat!"
by Shayla Marie August 15, 2007
students, (usually artsy hipsters kids) that stay in the darkroom printing photographs for hours on end. They practically live there.

it's their LIFE, life.

"ale sure is a labrat."

"i'm not surprised they're now best friends, they met in the darkroom! such labrats, ha.
"ale sure is a labrat."

"i'm not surprised they're now best friends, they met in the darkroom! such labrats, ha.
by NessaN00B October 12, 2011
A white girl who acts like a hood rat.
Guy 1: You seew that white girl across the street acting like a thot??
Guy 2: Hell yeah!! She a lab rat.
by yzBay August 13, 2014
Theses two words (Lab Rat) conjoined to form one. Labrats are the sub class workers of Labs who sample the samples behind closed doors. Resulting in Muddy fingers and spunk stained beards. This explains why results are inconclusive quite often when you see the doctor.
Other words for this type of person would be come guzzlers and KFC's (because their always finger licking)
HTV News:
" A Somerset man was dismissed from his job at the Bristol BRI this morning, when he was exposed as a Labrat. It is rumored he had consumed 14 Liters of sperm in his first week and 24 stools. The authorities claim the man did not work alone and they need to do more research on the meaning of the term 'screwball scramball".
by Jebusmoore November 23, 2007
A persons behavior or condition that is reminiscent of a laboratory rat that has been exposed to an excess of some chemical, toxin, or treatment, causing it to be or behave in an abnormal manner, rendering it useless for further scientific study.
We were drunk as lab rats.

Her boyfriend is a lab rat, 'fucker drank all the tequila and most of the beer!
by Jim Inman August 16, 2006
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