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Someone who is addicted to being in lab, constantly running experiments, and can't stop to go home even though they know that it's healthy to maintain a personal life because they find themselves chained to their experiments through an obessive personality type.
I walked into lab at 2 in the morning to check on my bacteria and found that Suzie was still running a gel. What a lab rat (forget that I was there too...)
by pendragoness July 30, 2009
a nicer sounding way of saying fag hag
She's always going out to gay strip clubs with Willy and John, she's their queer dear.
by pendragoness July 30, 2009
They devil incarnate in the form of extremely finely ground sand used to purify crap in organic chemistry labs. Silica gel is bad for your lungs and gives you silicosis whatever the fuck that means, and it also results in doing columns, which are basically hell and will eat hours of your life that will never ever come back.
I have to purify my shit with chromotography with silica gel again. FML.
by pendragoness July 30, 2009

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