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something you say to someone when you have nothing else to call them.
Lisa- why do you have to be such a... a... dousch bag!!!!
by skandalus June 22, 2004
another way to say "whats good?" "whats goin on?" or "hey!"
ay yo whats popple loppin?
by skandalus June 22, 2004
Giraffe Pussy; usually used to describe an object that is excessively expensive.
I'll never drive a Bentley. They're high as GP.
by skandalus December 02, 2003
White woman who dates men of color or often socializes with people of color.

Derivations are:

1. Where most rats are gray, brown, black, etc., lab rats are often white.

2. She experimentally dates people of color.
My boy moved out of town and came home with a bony-azz lab rat!
by skandalus December 02, 2003
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