the point of origin; esp. a household.
"Let's take it to the lab so i can meditate."
by iq December 02, 2002
Lightweight ass bitch someone who thinks they can handle them selves but cannot
"Yo Luigi is one l.a.b."
by lucka November 19, 2013
Abbreviation of Lazy and Busy. One will snap at someone else who is asking for assistance by saying LaB (pronounced with the initials) immediately if he/she is reluctant to help.

It could mean that you're simply too busy or just too lazy to help.
Renee: Can you please help me with this experiment, Sebastian?

Sebastian: Sorry. LaB.
by Le Mao January 14, 2013
"Lazy ass bitch"

A term use to describe anyone who does not like to work.
Honey Boo Boo momma is a LAB
by LizG/Fcrew October 19, 2012
Lazy ass bitch
Wow that Lisa chick is such a L.A.B. She never does anything but sleep all day long.
by DivaKytten March 03, 2012
Acronym for Liquor, Alcohol, and Booze. L-Liquor A-Alcohol B-Booze

Typically used when a lot of people who wouldn't want you drinking would be around, it also sounds cool when you use it in a sentence.
"Hey bro, they gonna have lab at the party?"

"Do you think you can bring the lab for tonight?"
by sunrisevista June 09, 2009
Legit As Balls. Legit as Balls is when something is totally great or awesome. It can also mean when something is spot on and warranted.
Dude, that party last night rocked, it was totally LAB! Yeah, it totally rocked. Hey did you see that hot girl near the door? Hell yeah, she was LAB too.
by bricklayer79 April 25, 2011
Loud Ass Bitch
Your mom is one LAB.
by Shady Satan December 30, 2010
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