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Life's A Bitch Used to express feelings about something that is going on.
We had to get rid of the dogs because my sister moved out. I do not have any dogs, but my sister has one. The dogs will probably die because they are going to be depressed.


Yeah, I agree.
by ventilator100 January 05, 2010
shortened-coloquialism for elaborating or an elaboration.
To elaborate the truth therefore to lie / be lying.

a. Verb: to lab; labbing
b. Noun: a lab.
a. John: I'm getting laid on friday!
Ryan: Quit labbing!

b. John: Kris told me he got head three times last night!
Ryan: Jeez, that's such a lab, you didn't believe him did you?
by Lou!s May 03, 2006
the starting and/or ending place before/after a night on the town
Let's head back to the lab and call it a night.
by Smitty February 24, 2003
Legit as balls
Yo bro, totally scored 2 monsters for the price of one! That's so l.a.b
by hoshbronson May 30, 2011
Liberal Ass Bitch. Variation of the term lib. A person who supports liberal politics and the destruction of the United States. A person with no backbone or brain
Drop the weed hippie LAB!!!
I voted for Obama therefore I am a LAB.
I am worse than a lib, I am a LAB.
Of course I don't support the troops, Im a LAB!

by RonnieK March 25, 2009
Lucky Ass Bitch - when you envy someone you would call them a lab to express how lucky to think they are. to express extreme lucky-ness... umm yea..
Guy 1: "yo man, i just got these new rims put on my ride!"
Guy 2: "You're such a Lab, man."
by [fuck] you September 24, 2006
We ran around and played fetch with her hairless lab all night.
by Dubious Skunk March 25, 2006