the point of origin; esp. a household.
"Let's take it to the lab so i can meditate."
by iq December 02, 2002
Acronym for "Laugh A Bit"
Somewhat similar to the term LOL "Laugh Out Loud" but generally used in a derogatory minimisation.
Samuel: "isn't it funny that my nose hair is as long as your nose"
Greg: "LAB"
#lab #laugh a bit #lol #laugh out loud #samuel
by BarryWang March 07, 2012
Abreviation for Like A Boss
Dubsteppin' LAB !
#lab #like a boss #boss #being boss #like a
by letmedefinethatforyou December 21, 2011
Acronym meaning "Lame-Ass Ball Sweat." Used to describe anything or anyone that is beyond the average level of lame.
Jared: You guys wanna go to the dance party tomorrow night?
Alex: Dance parties are labs, dude.
Jared: But Tania is going to be there!
Chris: Tania is labs too.
#lame #balls #labs #lab #ball sweat #lame ass
by kommanderkool April 03, 2011
Acronym for Load A Bowl. Commonly used by marijuana smokers and invented by a farmer and a zack
LAB negro i aint baked yet
LAB! this bowl is useless empty
#load a bowl #l.a.b. #l a b #bowl #weed
by farmernpuff March 16, 2011
like a boss
"dudeee i'm eating pepperoni pizza LAB"

"going jetskiing LAB"
#boss #amazing #like a boss #awesome #sweet
by Kate(: May 23, 2010
Local Ass Bitch, a person who is from a certain place and is sort of popular in that place, but only because they don't go anywhere else and are around so much people just know them for being around so much.
Do you know Mike?
Yeah I know Mike, he's always on the block.
Yeah he's kind of a LAB.
#basic #boring #dry #lame #kind-of-cool
by Bmacattack June 13, 2014
Local Ass Bitch: Means you ain't been no where and you stay near your hometown.
nigga you ain't been to Paris you lab ass nigga.
You ain't been to Canada or Mexico you lab.
#local #ass #bitch #home #ain't been nowhere
by basedgus December 08, 2013
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