The acronym for the game Left 4 Dead 2 by Valve Corporation.
This can be devastating on advanced and expert l4d2 difficulty settings. On December 14th, 2009, Valve announced the first DLC for l4d2, entitled "The Passing." It was released April 22, 2010 for free on the PC and for 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360. Switch to this nickname, please. Allow me to log as dijo tank versus attack throw on your l4d2 versus server next days. Rlfd4 (2).
by turgise May 19, 2010
Top Definition
The second installment of Left 4 dead, made by valve... characters include Rochelle, Coach, Ellis and Nick
Jane: Rochelle's a dumb bitch.

Jake: huh?


Jake:oh! yeah yeah she is
by stoptakingmyname May 06, 2010
An attempt at a humorous acronym for the sequel to Valve's first person shooter 'Left 4 Dead'.
Hey guys I'm super cool. I call Left 4 Dead 2 L4-D2 because I'm both shallow and pedantic.
by lol.dongs October 31, 2009
The new left 4 dead game, and whenever you hear someone say L4D2, you will think of a starwars robot.

damn that l4d2 SUCKS GENITALS
by Cheesecake! June 13, 2009
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