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a very nerdy girl who is obsessed with bands
wow Kylie found another band to obsess over
by pooppoopmilly June 10, 2014
1 1
a free horse like human, who runs and loves when her hair blows in the wind, she has a very distinct nay. You know when Kylie is coming...
Kylie is free
Look there is a kylie
by whosthereohitsme February 02, 2011
27 33
This is a girl who had at one stage, slept with the whole football team, she is a fictional character.
her boyfriends name is Davie, and she also slept with the coach.
girl one: hey, did you hear about kylie>
girl two: yeah, i heard she slept with the whole football team
girl one: yeah, i heard that too
by cr00kedy0ung August 10, 2013
1 8
A guy
Kylie's is the son of the parents that were very confused.
by shittyblazer93 October 17, 2013
1 9
kylie is such a dummy.i am just kidding.She is a great friend and mostly there for you when you need her.She is such a blonde but i have no room to talk either.I love her like a fat kid loves cake.
I have a kylie who i love to hang out with.
by Stumbles July 10, 2009
133 148
A Kylie is an amazingly large titted girl.
MAN 1:holy shit,did you see that kylie?
MAN 2:no,where?!?!
MAN 1:you missed her.
MAN 2 damnit.
by rizzle d August 02, 2010
69 89
Kylie is a fat ugly crazy haired weirdo, who usually has a long beard and mustache. "It" usually have both private parts. They are only in love with dogs and lick cars daily. They are also very hairy EVERYWHERE!
Mom look it's a Kylie! "Said little girl". RUN! RUN!! RUN!!! "Said her very caring mother"
by Norval jolen101 December 10, 2012
5 41