Kylie is a hot, pretty and smart girl. If your lucky enough to be with her you better keep her because she cares about who and were you are not just because of your looks your personality to. Shes hates when you lie and if you date someone else she will always be there even when you don't want her to.
"I wish I was Kylie!"
by just need to say the truth December 18, 2015
can be fake but is also a nice girl
you see that girl talking about you ? that's kylie !
by kyliebooboo January 17, 2016
a very nerdy girl who is obsessed with bands
wow Kylie found another band to obsess over
by pooppoopmilly June 10, 2014
a free horse like human, who runs and loves when her hair blows in the wind, she has a very distinct nay. You know when Kylie is coming...
Kylie is free
Look there is a kylie
by whosthereohitsme February 02, 2011
A small black land hippo that has down syndrome. Tends to be clueless about most things. Scared of beards and hats.
Whoa did you see that Kylie over there?
by Ozz210 June 21, 2014
A ginger with a nice ass.
Guy1:Woah! look at her!
Guy2:She is such a kylie!
by YKG February 11, 2012
kylie is such a dummy.i am just kidding.She is a great friend and mostly there for you when you need her.She is such a blonde but i have no room to talk either.I love her like a fat kid loves cake.
I have a kylie who i love to hang out with.
by Stumbles July 10, 2009

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