Overly friendly, like an untrained labradoodle. Like the labradoodle, he has incontinency issues. Enjoys the company of older men and cats. Short and skinny... and has funny hair... again... like the labradoodle.
oh look, it's kye, singing s-club 7 to himself
#friendly #incontinent #labradoodle #short #older men
by Father Mark Darryl Perry January 08, 2012
1: A greasy dreamer bulker who gives oral sex to dirty women as frequently as he is gay.

All the time.

2: The act of giving oral sex to infectious prostitutes.
Dude that guy totally just did a Kye!

Me: Aww man don't go with that bitch she aint clean
Friend: Nah man it'll be sweet, Ill just have a Kye.
#kye #oral #sex #infected #dreamer bulk
by The Gift of anus October 23, 2011
some gay black kid who used to have an afro
"look there's kye, what a fag"
#black #gay #afro #kid #blah
by kkk forever and ever1 February 09, 2010
I lie so much, the work lie is now Kye!
man i kie so bad
by Kyle Cascarano October 17, 2003
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