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Gender: Masculine; Usage: Western African

The Strong but silent type. He makes his opinions known, respectively, but doesn't go unheard. Lets people know what he believes in through how he conducts himself.
that man that sarah is seeing is such a Kwesi. a Very strong minded man
by tannedangel May 12, 2010
The most amazing guy that sticks with the girl he wants, making her smile every day. Everyone loves a Kwesi <3 And he makes Savanah make a definition of him.
by Savvvvv September 21, 2011
an native african tribesman with a big ego. Often finds it difficult to control their sexual urges...basically their dicks
1. That girl made me feel kinda kwesi
2. If i get a kwesi it will ruin my night
3. Kwesi scares my mom
by nightmare shadow May 07, 2008
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