1)The noise made by a chocobo in the final fantasy series
2)A word used purely in randomness by fans of the game
3)querying on wot someone is saying or doing without taking the situation seriously
1)"Kweh" - pretty much every chocobo has sed this once
2)"KWEH".....need i say more?
3)(someone farted) "kweh?"
by FF bummer October 21, 2006
Top Definition
The sound a Chocobo makes in Final Fantasy 9. In the chocobo treasure hunt game, different 'kwehs' mean different things.
It's sort of the the hot and cold game.
Kweh!-Getting closer
Kweh!?-Very close
K-KWEEEH!-You're standing on it!
Vivi: I hear a strange sound, like "kweh, kweh!"
Zidane: Oh, that's the sound a chocobo makes.
by BaldDumboRat August 02, 2006
A statement in urban-latin meaning
"My love is strong"
You Knee: Thanks a lot!
Wongles: KWEHH!
You Knee: ?
Wongles: It means my love is strong, for you, in latin
You Knee: Oh ! Kweh!
by X.W. Lun December 09, 2009
1) a word randomly used in the context of 'wtf ,huh ,what? , come again? or zha?'
2) word used by chocobos to convey happiness also see wark
3) word used by eskimo bob
'got that fligu yet?'
by =virus.exe= November 18, 2004
A word spoken by "Eskimo Bob" and "chocobos"
A feeling of happiness, relief and bread
Also is a witty remark, used randomly
Eskimo Bob : KWEH!!!
Karl : HUH?
Eskimo Bob : KWEH?
by Ste September 14, 2003
the word most used by a man called karl whislt he is holding his football medals in the park.

or whence you have been givin a quid
by the owl of sacrifice September 16, 2003

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