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An annoyed face often used in chat. Similar to -_- but a little more annoyed. More of a squint, or glare.
Person 1: lol you suck!
Person 2: .... =_= shut up
by BaldDumboRat July 29, 2006
A contented face with a cat smile. Similar to ^w^
Heehee, I'm pleased with myself. =w=
by BaldDumboRat July 29, 2006
The sound of a chocobo from many Final Fantasy games. Most Final Fantasy fans would recognize the sound in a second. In the game it is usually heard as an adorable squeak.
Chocobo: Wark! Wark!
Chocobo 2: Wark!?
Chocobo: waarrrrk.
by BaldDumboRat August 02, 2006
The sound a Chocobo makes in Final Fantasy 9. In the chocobo treasure hunt game, different 'kwehs' mean different things.
It's sort of the the hot and cold game.
Kweh!-Getting closer
Kweh!?-Very close
K-KWEEEH!-You're standing on it!
Vivi: I hear a strange sound, like "kweh, kweh!"
Zidane: Oh, that's the sound a chocobo makes.
by BaldDumboRat August 02, 2006
A person with animal characteristics, such as cat ears, cat tails, whiskers, paws.
"I want to draw a kemonomimi girl... Should I give her cat ears or fox ears?"
by BaldDumboRat August 02, 2006
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