Cool + Sweet = Kweet
That skateboarding trick is totally kweet!
by Whitney September 30, 2004
Top Definition
A word that is a mix of cool and sweet. It means the same as both of those, except intensified because it's both cool and sweet. I accidently stumbled across it when trying to say "cool" but switched to "sweet" halfway.
"Whoa that's a pretty kweet pen!"
by ebkf April 24, 2006
A combination of the words "cute" and "sweet" , not to be confused with "queet" (queer but sweet).
Usually used simply because it feels better coming out of your mouth than both "cute" and "sweet" , individually.
Person A: Oh hey, did you see those baby ducks on the pond?
Person B: Yeah, they're so kweet!
Person A: Yeah, they're so cute, yet so sweet! It's super kweet!
by kweetgurl2060 July 30, 2010
A type of bird in one of Dr. Seuss's stories called "Dr. Seuss's Scrambled Eggs Super".
"...I went for the kind that were mellow and sweet
And the world's sweetest eggs are the eggs of the Kweet..."
by MichelleMaBelle September 15, 2006
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