Referencing an expression or action with a negative sarcastic.
To detract from an expression or action performed by another through mockery and false praise.
1 - "Remember when Johnny tried to do a back flip off the roof and busted his ass?" "Yeah that was kute."

2 - "Hey I met Tony Hawk and he thinks I'm the best skater ever" "That's kute douche."
by Michael D. Birnberg November 28, 2007
Top Definition
Another word for cute.
I think your really kute.
by flyychick February 24, 2008
kute is what you would use when you want to use a hard c sound when you say cute
That girl has a kute shirt
by kute October 11, 2007
Kute:Some Thing That Is Cool Or Interesting Or Something That Cathches Your Eye
Your Shoes Are Kute.
Your Kute.
Your Hat Is Kute.
Datsz Kute.
by Zippy12134 April 02, 2008
another word for pussy, or Vajj
"My friendraven dosent have a stinky kute"
by RoRoRoRoRoRo January 29, 2008
An aliases for the world sleep deprived.
Kute = Sleep Deprived
are you kute?
the doctor says you're cute!
by dog7281 July 21, 2016
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