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The greatest person in the history of history.

Leader of legendary grunge band Nirvana.

Martyr and voice of a generation.

My soulmate.
"Wow, Kurt Cobain is so f--king sexy!"
"Yes. And his voice brough a puppy back to life."
"I wish I could put my pinkie in his chin dimple!"
"I wish I could've saved him."
by thegreatKC April 28, 2006
He was the greatest musician ever who wrote the greatest songs ever to be made. he is a legend and was the most beautiful man ever.
as if nobody will ever compare to Kurt Cobain
by Nic March 08, 2004
Suicide doors on your whip
Ey son, you peep Snoopy's new Kurt Cobains on his llac?
by S.Show-brand March 05, 2009
to commit suicide, also a talented musician who served as a part of the band nirvana
"OMG!! my dog kurt cobain'd itself :("
"dude i have a raging clue!!!"
" >=( MY FUCKEN DOG KURT COBAIN'D ITSELF I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR ERECTION!!!!! atleast we all know you dont hav E.D. :D"
by Mystik_11 July 31, 2008
lacks a head.

which is kinda funny.
hey kurt, where's your head at?
by harsh reality June 03, 2005
Overrated by ignorant teenyboppers but even more hated by total fags with no musical taste.
Nirvana was a decent band.I don't know why idiots have to overrate them and why stupid butt fags have to hate them.
by stupid fags February 19, 2005
Overrated junkie who shot himself.
Kurt Cobain was a bum and I don't give a fuck about who I offend when I say it.
by underrated heroin addict May 04, 2008