the singer for Nirvana. he blew his brains out because,1. he was on alot of heroin 2. he didnt want a bunch of poeple worshiping him and wanted all his fame to leave him. from what i know he wouldnt want a bunch of people to write stupid things on urband dictionary. he didnt like being famouse, so stop saying i love you and r.i.p. and trying to bring him back.
kurt cobaine was a great guitar player and grudge singer.
by paker okelly March 05, 2006
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Kurt Cobain was the sexiest man alive...hes prolly the sexiest dead person also! lol.....for those of u who wrote that he commited suiced u must not b true cobain fans..HE WAS KILLED BY a BLOOD SUCKING WHORE, COURTNEY LOVE!!(im ashamed to b a courtney ...), who is also his wife:S ....that fucking whore is going to burn in hell for that shit...but neways.....he was part of the grunge band, Nirvana, which is also the best band out there.....if u havent bought the box set yet....get off ur ass and go get it!....its only $45..... not that much is it?...and if u cant afford it.....go bum some money from a friend......and for those of u who are burning off the internet....u suck....u obviously arent true fans....just POSERS!!!!
Kurt Cobain u are the sexiest man that ever walked the earth... im sry u had to b MURDERED BY UR BLOOD SUCKING WIFE!!!!....but neways ...u will be loved forever by ur true fans!

RIP>>>WE LOVE U!!!!!
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See dead

And he sung or something.
Person A: Do you know Nirvana Disbanded?

Person B: No I am completely uncultured, I Don't know who Kurt Cobain is, and when i get bored and high, I edit Urban Dictionary.
by Spaceboy_12 October 08, 2007
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One of the greatest musicians ever! After Kurt Cobain's death, rock music began to really suck and still does. He is still being exploited for money to this day.
I don't listen to any music that was made after Kurt Cobain's death because it all sucks and doesn't have any passion.
by rok cheecka April 17, 2007
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The guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana. he had natural musical talent and knew how to use it. He wrote songs from the heart. Hell, he didnt even like all the fame and fortune. All he wanted, as he quoted, was to make a good living. He had a daughter named Frances Bean CObain with singer Courtney love.

Now, to all you people who believe that kurt cobain commited suicide, I suggest knowing the truth by going to cobaincase.com and justiceforkurt.com. Overall, those who did their research would tell you that it is most likely that Kurt was killed, and did not kill himself. Its a shame he was dead at the age of only 27. RIP Kurt, we miss ya.
Kurt Cobain wrote some inspiring songs, some of which are Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Lithium, Heart Shaped Box, Lounge Act, The Man Who Sold The World, Sappy, and many many more.

Go to your local music store and buy a Nirvana record. Their second and probably most famous, even till this day, is Nevermind. Buy it. You'll love it.
by mar e jane October 09, 2006
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Overrated junkie who shot himself.
Kurt Cobain was a bum and I don't give a fuck about who I offend when I say it.
by underrated heroin addict May 04, 2008
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Born: 20 February 1967
Birthplace: Aberdeen, Washington
Died: 5 April 1994 (suicide)
Best Known As: Lead singer of the group Nirvana
Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist for the band Nirvana, whose melodic rock songs bridged punk with pop and sold millions of records in the early 1990s. The stripped-down, amped-up anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit" made it to the top of the charts in 1991 and helped "grunge" rock unseat Michael Jackson-style pop. (It also helped put Seattle on the musical map -- Cobain was from the sort-of nearby logging town of Aberdeen, Washington.) The band's albums included Bleach (1989), Nevermind (1991) and In Utero (1993). Nirvana was briefly the hottest band in the world, but Cobain's discomfort with fame, personal demons and battles with drugs quickly caused problems. His status as rock legend was cemented when he committed suicide in 1994, apparently by shooting himself in the mouth with a shotgun.

Cobain married rocker/actress Courtney Love in 1992... The couple had one daughter, Frances Bean, born in 1992... Some fans continue to believe that Cobain was murdered. Though a suicide note was found near Cobain's body, and though the coroner ruled that Cobain's wounds were self-inflicted, these fans feel the suicide was staged, and some also accuse Courtney Love of being involved. This theory has been widely publicized but has never been proved... A 1998 documentary film, Kurt and Courtney, examined their relationship and Cobain's death.
RIP Kurt Cobain 1967-1994
by P. redeckis June 04, 2006
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