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the singer for Nirvana. he blew his brains out because,1. he was on alot of heroin 2. he didnt want a bunch of poeple worshiping him and wanted all his fame to leave him. from what i know he wouldnt want a bunch of people to write stupid things on urband dictionary. he didnt like being famouse, so stop saying i love you and r.i.p. and trying to bring him back.
kurt cobaine was a great guitar player and grudge singer.
by paker okelly March 05, 2006
The God of music (sorry Jimmy Page {but he can sing})
Nobody beats Kurt Cobain... burn in hell courtney love!!!
by king of musac (Kurt) April 06, 2004
my love, a beautiful man who i miss to no extent, the angel who saved my life but couldnt be saved himself.
kurt cobain will always be the angel on my shoulder, keeping me strong
by sad June 18, 2004
Done while masturbating sitting up.  When ejaculating you shoot your load up under your chin resembling that of a shotgun blast.
"I blew a load so hard up under my chin it was like Kurt Cobain's death!!"
by domatt December 17, 2007
Inventor and main purveyor of ridiculous music form known as 'grunge', a form of piss poor heavy metal characterised by moaning beardy singers who bellow like pregnant hippos and wear plaid shirts.
kurt cobain - the inventor of grunge.
by the masked nanker August 28, 2006
the lead singer of the best band ever (aka Nirvana ) was an amazing musician with an amazing voice.
It sucks ass that Kurt Cobain committed suicide, but I guess it fits.
by maddie99 August 18, 2005
Most influential singer/songwriter of the 90's. See suicide.
I hate life. I read Kurt's suicide note everyday and listen to Linkin Park.
by Corey April 11, 2005