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Slightly overrated musician whose (not wholly voluntary) success allowed music companies to ladle the anti-establishment revivalist hard rock of the Pacific Northwest out of the pot it had been bubbling in for years, and attached a corporate label to it (grunge) that would soon be handed over to bloodsucking leeches like Bush, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, et al. This realization (and the widespread romanticising of his angst) led him to suicide in mid-1994.
He was by no means untalented and had excellent melodic sense. A symbol of his age, for good and ill.
Kurt Cobain was good, but he wasn't strawberry fudge icecream sundae with a cherry tomato on top good! Maybe fudgecicle with multicolored sprinkles good...maybe.
by NPDeany January 08, 2004
70 79
The act of hitting yourself in the head stupidly.
That kid just got Kurt Cobained from that baseball!
by IP Adress February 07, 2010
6 16
The guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana. he had natural musical talent and knew how to use it. He wrote songs from the heart. Hell, he didnt even like all the fame and fortune. All he wanted, as he quoted, was to make a good living. He had a daughter named Frances Bean CObain with singer Courtney love.

Now, to all you people who believe that kurt cobain commited suicide, I suggest knowing the truth by going to cobaincase.com and justiceforkurt.com. Overall, those who did their research would tell you that it is most likely that Kurt was killed, and did not kill himself. Its a shame he was dead at the age of only 27. RIP Kurt, we miss ya.
Kurt Cobain wrote some inspiring songs, some of which are Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Lithium, Heart Shaped Box, Lounge Act, The Man Who Sold The World, Sappy, and many many more.

Go to your local music store and buy a Nirvana record. Their second and probably most famous, even till this day, is Nevermind. Buy it. You'll love it.
by mar e jane October 09, 2006
12 22
Looked at as a martyr to music, but really just an overrated frontman because he died young.
Angsty kid: I LOVE KURT COBAIN!!
Normal kid: That's nice, go read a Spin article where they wrote about him for the third time this year.
by Silly Old Bear July 13, 2006
18 28
The most overrated guitarist of all time. He was an alright songwriter, but really shitty guitarist.
Idiot: Oh my god, I love Kurt Cobain, he is the greatest ever.
Non-idiot: Shithead....
by Hardcore Party Whore January 07, 2006
32 42
Dead musician known for looking like a slob, not bathing, marrying a crack whore, and hailed as a genius despite trying to eat buckshot for breakfast
If you put the shotgun in your mouth, kurt cobain, it'll kill you
by dcs February 12, 2005
35 45
although an extremely good poet/musition/songwriter kurt kobain is a word used to make little posers look like they know jack shit.
kurt cobain did kick ass but if you think dying in your fucking twentys is cool and hes an idol your just another poser making an asshat of himself
by roxie esterlie October 21, 2004
23 33