The act of the female placing her mouth over the males penis while she is giving him a hand job so when he finishes it shoots into the females mouth.
It really turns me on when my girlfriend does a Kurt Cobain.
by Albert Paca February 09, 2015

The act of shooting oneself with a shotgun
I'm so bored that I'm going to Kurt Cobain.
by Dumbass_of_the_Day October 21, 2014
Fucking Awsome Guy. Lead Singer Of Nirvana made Grunge the most popular type of music in the 90's. Wrote the best songs. Fucking Awsome Dude!
Henry: Who Kurt Cobain
Jack: Blank Stare* "Are You Fucking Kidding Rite Now?"
by Mr. Strange The One October 01, 2011
The seat that is located behind the passenger's front seat or "behind shotgun."
Well if you get shotgun, then I call Kurt Cobain
by Floobie January 16, 2008
Coutney Love fuckin killed him and thats all there is to it.
she set the whole fuckin thing up
by the_bitch_killed_kurt March 02, 2005
The act of ejaculating into your own mouth. In this scenario, the penis is used much like a shotgun; the ejaculation is a representation of the shotgun firing into your mouth.
Did you hear? Larry ejaculated into his own eye while trying to Kurt Cobain.
by Dr. Knowsnothing PhD January 30, 2011
The lead singer of Nirvana. A Musical legend. The Man that was killed of by a hitman hired by Courtney Love.
Smells like teen spirit sung by Kurt Cobain
by ccl32 June 08, 2009

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