The act of wasting a lot of time, normally discussing things one knows nothing about.
I spent four hours kuro5hining yesterday with my co-workers, instead of working.
by the syndicate August 05, 2003
Top Definition
kuro5hin is a website created by Rusty the Jackal-Faced Bastard. It is a website where goatee-stroking pseudointellectuals gather to jerk each other off.
I just went to kuro5hin. God, it sucked ass.
A "community weblog" site which features some of the most pretentious, self-obsessed, elitist wankers on the planet.
You're worse than those wankers on kuro5hin!
by rusty August 04, 2003
A popular internet destination, frequented by nerd and high school drop outs. Features a lot of pseudo-intellectual circle wanking.
I read Kuro5hin everyday.
by Rusty August 04, 2003
A website where former trolls and karma whores from slashdot actually act civilized. annoying because there's no way to (in a manner similar to raising the threshold on slashdot) reduce the number of comments displayed to allow for quick reading
kuro5hin is not pronounced with "shit" on the end, but urbandictionary won't let me modify the pronunciation despite the fact that every single other definition posted had a different one than the last.
by Random832 November 01, 2003

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