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a white person who thinks they're black. syn for wigger.

usually spotted using language such as, but not limited to: son, dawg, playa, killa. the phrases 'lemme at holla at that' and 'brrrrra killa' and the overuse of the word 'yo'
yo Anthony's such a kurche. look at him tryin to be black again
by Erik November 09, 2004
1)someone who is very fond of betting, and thinks they have the most money in the world and will let you know how cool and how wealthy they are. ex. a walking casino
2)someone uses the words bro,dog, playa, balla, og, and "what what" to describe things
Joey is being such a kurche, hes betting on 5 games tonight.

Joey is being such a kurche, he can't even speak english anymore.
by jfred54 January 21, 2007
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