A shiny Serbain dick.
That one Serbain man had an unusually large kurac.
by anaphylaxiswaffle October 25, 2015
Dick in Croatian.
During a sexual intercourse, the kurac is realli hard!
by Croat Child May 02, 2004
It means DICK. This is serbian word.
Hrvati mogu da mi puse kurac!
by serb November 12, 2005
A bad serbo-Croation word for penis
checnik mogu da mi puse kurac!
by hrvati vojnik, January 11, 2007
Kurac is a croatian word for a person that oryginates from serbia
"also might be translated as dickhead"
Jebote eno onog kurca! stvarno je ruzan
Oh my god, that guy really looks like a kurac!
by CroPower May 09, 2007
serb word meaning penis and dont let any of those fucking retarded word stealing cro's tell u its theirs coz they just a bunch of pussies
the kurac can become erect and rock hard
by jebadiah November 27, 2004
jebadiah, u stupid retard, kurac means dick in Croatian,Serbian,Albanian and like 3 more languagues u stupid fuckehead u think its only serbian u fucken retard.
jebadiah is a fuckhead
by Croat January 01, 2005
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