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A city in Bosnia that has 3 Croatian Catholic churches now, and has about 3000 mosques. Even tough there is a lot of Muslims and only a few thousand Croats, it's a greact city to live in. It has big factories, big beatiful green mountains with hundreds of villages srurrounding it.
Travnik is one of the most beatiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
by Croat January 01, 2005
"Our Lady" in Croatian.
The movie "Gospa" was made based on the apparations of the holy virgin in Medjugorje, Herzegovina!
by Croat May 06, 2004
Easter in Croatian, and it actually has a meaning , it means "Ressuruction", unlike in English, in wich the word "Easter" has nothing to do with Jesus.
Sretan Uskrs!-Happy Easter!
by Croat January 01, 2005
the guy responsible for the Srebrenica massacres, the decimation of Vukovar, and many other war crimes. he deserves to die.
Slobo you suck cock
by Croat August 27, 2003
For all of you retards who say people don't know how to celebrate Christmas anymore, and don't even know the mean of Christmas, that's true..in America!!You think half the world dosen't know how to celebreate it cuz stupid american retards don't..i dono why u americans all just don't kill yourself, JUST KILL YOURSELF!!! You're not good for anything, you are stupid dumbasses who do nothing to help the world but just screw it up more, JUST KILL YOURSELF WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!???
Americans don't know the meaning of Christmas.
by Croat January 01, 2005
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