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Filipino-Visayan term for grope or touching (unlike grope, kuot can be used non-sexually).

Gikuot - To grab/grope (depending on the sentence, if used in sexual manner, grope becomes the meaning; if used in a non-sexual manner, it stands for trying to get something hard to reach.)
Kinoutay - (key-nuh-oo {as in moo without the m}-thai) - Groping one another
Gikuotan - Was groped
Kuoti - Grope + verb modifier (see example)
Gikuot ko niya. - He/she groped me!

Gikuot nako ang yabe. - I grabbed the key.

Hay Ginoo! Kinuotay pa mo diha! bahala mo! - Oh Lord! Keep on groping! To hell with your lives!

Kuoti ko - Grope me.
Kuoti sha - grope her.
Kuoti imong uyab, ayaw ako - Grope your girl/boyfriend, not me!
by ronskee September 20, 2004
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