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a person (more often than not a woman) who at first appears to have a pleasant persona and sufficient qualities as a romantic partner but is later revealed to have several sever flaws, either be it a mental illness combined with a dangerous hobby or off-putting personal tastes. Originated from an episode of the Boondocks, where Grandad has a date with a smart attractive and successful woman who turns out to have been raised by wolves and possesses severe abandoment issues, along with clinical depression and a black belt of the lost deadly art of White Lotus Kung-Fu
Riley: Why'd you have to go and bring the kungfukillerwolfbitch in the house Grandad

Grandad: How was I supposed to know that she was a kungfukillerwolfbitch?

Guy 1: Dude, that date last night was brutal!
Guy 2: What happened?
Guy 1: The chick turned out to be a kugfukillerwolfbitch!
Guy 2: So what did you do?
Guy 1: What do you think? I got the hell out and changed my
number, good thing she doesn't know my address.
by Perryn April 01, 2008
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