something that describes:

- taking a crap.

- taking a poop.

- a #2
Are you taking a "kucky" in the bathroom?
Awwww man I just steped in some dog "kucky"
by ugokucky December 09, 2010
Top Definition
1. Typically associated with things that are regarded as unclean when talking with a child.

2. Use of this word is a dead give away you have raised kids.
Don't eat that off the floor, thats kucky.
by mthatch September 13, 2010
Is someone that is 'lucky' and 'cocky' at the same time.
Ah, this Cristiano Ronaldo is a very 'kucky' football player.
by Farshad Tami November 06, 2011
lucky, but said in a different way caz some people cannot pronounce L's
"Your so kucky today"
"huh? kucky? wats that"
"sorry it's l-l-l-lucky i cant pronounce it."
by bagabagabaga September 25, 2009
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