a group of people that want to fix the world to what it should be

or a group of white supremists who are upset they lost their jobs to black people.
Man I'm tired of losing all the jobs I have to welfare using blacks, I'm joining the KKK to get rid of some of them
by bunyan June 30, 2005
FUCK all you damn niggers!!!! Yall got somethin to say about rednecks ill shove my 12 gauge so far up your ass youll spit out babies.....o wait sorry the apes already did that a while ago thats what happened to yall

next time you got somethin to say about rednecks say it to our face cuz yall are to much of pussies to fight without a group

You niggers need to get a life an stop thinking that rednecks are bad
cuz us rednecks are alot different than the KKK members however now that i have read all these entries id really love to meed a KKK member an give them a high five for killen off some of you discrase of people they call blacks
The Ku Klux Klan is completely different than a redneck. Just like with everything there are extremes.
by RedNeckGirl17 March 17, 2009
A group of people mostly found in america who are really racist to all people except whites. They wear white sheets over their heads and usually try to kill anyone other than a white person.
Ku Klux Klan All Wear White Sheets Covering Their Heads.
Man1: "i see a black man"
Man2: "Lets Go Kill Him"

Thats how racist they are =)
by Leonni May 10, 2008
Brave Men and Women who care for their race and nation
ku klux klan "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" - David Lane.......Because we care for our race and nation we are dubbed a "hate group"? pleaseeeee. Imagine, in the near future, if nothin is done, there wont be a white race with all this mixing. Rahowa cant come soon enough. ORION 14/83/88
by LOTIE Cristal August 14, 2006

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