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A mashed up word for "ok", "thanks", and "goodbye". It is commonly used on quicky text messages.
Please buy me a soda when you go to the convenient store. Kthxbai!
by callbooks December 17, 2009
Okay, thanks, goodbye for people you really don't like. Used as a derogatory term for idiots.
IOWNULOLZ: hay cn u giv me fre stuf ur rich
Me: No. Go die in a hole, kthxbai
by Ultib June 28, 2007
acronym used online for K Thanks Bye
Leave me alone. kthxbai.
by Lailz July 10, 2008
Okay thanks bye in leet.
Dude 1: i'm liek gona go now. kthxbai.
Me: Bye fool.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
derrives from the phrase "kthxbye"
by kevin February 05, 2003