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attractive and someone you should look up to. flirtatious. attention seeker.much loved.
that krystyna girl gives the best hugs in the world!
by winnie tanks May 02, 2008
Krystyna; Well loved and liked. Very friendly. Beautiful. Sweet and hard working. Very blunt and honest. Shy. Thrives on others happiness. Never gives up.
Krystyna is the sweetest I absolutely love her.
by Krys0516 August 07, 2010
Technique used during the administration of handjobs (usually in a public place e.g. toilet) whereby the 'giver' spits on their hand as a make-shift lubricant.
'Dude, totally just got a handjob in the toilet!'

'No way! Wasn't it a bit dry?'

'Nah, she totally gave it a Krystyna then stuck her hand down my pants'

'Classy. Krystyna Rocks.'
by Phoebe K April 09, 2008
A girl who always wears really right yoga pants. She is wearin uggs too. These girls are usually considered ratchet. They also are always blonde and tall.
by Ilovecows November 13, 2013

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