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A noun describing a person who shits on the floor, wipes it with their shirt, and then wears the shit-stained shirt hoping it will crust off. Also used to describe someone who gets shit on by a bird in the face while running. It could also be used to describe someone who jerks off while having a completely normal phone conversation with you. Another definition is a person who has an abnormally bad sweating problem. If you ever catch someone spooning with another man and they appear to be enjoying it a little too much, that person can be considered a kryan. Most importantly though, if someone has a compulsive need to constantly touch their penis no matter where they are or who they are with, they are a kryan. A kryan also constantly plays with their belly button, their nipples, and whatever other zits or pimples they have.
Get your hand off me kryan!

Why do you always touch your penis kryan?
#kry #urinal cake #waste case #cum dumpster #easily aroused
by Sheriff Taglieber April 16, 2009
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