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compulsive disorder, addictive behavior.
Phil could only think of batu all day and all night.
by Palarjones April 30, 2005
19 94
drug substance such as weed
can i smoke some kronic with you
by etibem June 10, 2005
168 67
A legal weed smoking alternative to Marijuanna that originated from New Zealand and can now be purchased worldwide.
It can also be used in cooking to make space cakes
I kicked back in my easy chair, chucked on some phat beats and started puffin' the Kronic
by pennypromo January 18, 2010
73 56
An asshole aficionado who is a culprit of accepting a smorgosbord of insertions preferably from retarded handicap kids in wheelchairs with rulers taped to their dicks.
"That Kevin, he's so kronic!"
by ABomBsENNNN March 20, 2008
50 91