compulsive disorder, addictive behavior.
Phil could only think of batu all day and all night.
by Palar Jones April 30, 2005
Top Definition
drug substance such as weed
can i smoke some kronic with you
by etibem June 10, 2005
A legal weed smoking alternative to Marijuanna that originated from New Zealand and can now be purchased worldwide.
It can also be used in cooking to make space cakes
I kicked back in my easy chair, chucked on some phat beats and started puffin' the Kronic
by pennypromo January 18, 2010
Kronic is not Kronik. The synthetic herbs that originated from Australia is Kronik. Please don't confuse the two. The true meaning to Kronic is Dope, Fresh, or the green.
That is some Kronic!
by KronicLand April 03, 2014
An asshole aficionado who is a culprit of accepting a smorgosbord of insertions preferably from retarded handicap kids in wheelchairs with rulers taped to their dicks.
"That Kevin, he's so kronic!"
by ABomBsENNNN March 20, 2008
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