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1 : to make an item partially inoperable by reckless misuse
2 : to botch or bungle an event by acting with wanton disregard of another's rights
3 : to remove value from something in otherwise good condition
4 : to dismiss one's own bad behavior with a fallacious self-referential attitude
5 : to badly mess something up
Your 3 year old cousin really krizzled my laptop when you left it in his playpen that day.

That drunk ex-boyfriend of the bride really krizzled the whole wedding ceremony when he stood up and started ranting about their past together.
by mplayer December 18, 2009
A term directed for a person of Rensselaer decent who is slow in nature receiving transportation on small yellow buses.
Yo Krizzle you are mad slizzle for shizzle.
by RMG3 October 27, 2003
some one who loses at lot of krunk points.
Miami baby(white vioce)
U just lost a Krunk point(Lil' BJ THe one who hands out Krunk pionts)
by K-runck November 09, 2004
you know who you are krizzle n Pizzle fo shizzle.
love Dizzle
Fo shizzle Krizzle
by Tom January 21, 2004
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