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1 : to make an item partially inoperable by reckless misuse
2 : to botch or bungle an event by acting with wanton disregard of another's rights
3 : to remove value from something in otherwise good condition
4 : to dismiss one's own bad behavior with a fallacious self-referential attitude
5 : to badly mess something up
Your 3 year old cousin really krizzled my laptop when you left it in his playpen that day.

That drunk ex-boyfriend of the bride really krizzled the whole wedding ceremony when he stood up and started ranting about their past together.
by mplayer December 18, 2009
7 1
An underage boyfriend
"Yo Tina! You hear that Tammy has a k-rizzle?"
by kathums March 22, 2006
1 2
A term directed for a person of Rensselaer decent who is slow in nature receiving transportation on small yellow buses.
Yo Krizzle you are mad slizzle for shizzle.
by RMG3 October 27, 2003
4 12
some one who loses at lot of krunk points.
Miami baby(white vioce)
U just lost a Krunk point(Lil' BJ THe one who hands out Krunk pionts)
by K-runck November 09, 2004
3 18
you know who you are krizzle n Pizzle fo shizzle.
love Dizzle
Fo shizzle Krizzle
by Tom January 21, 2004
5 24