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A fame hungry control freak who wishes she was 25. Her fame hungry, talentless daughter's, (the Kardashians) take up the airwaves and poison the minds of children. Only concerned about $ and fame, even though she can't do shit.
Kris Jenner: OMG, those stupid Housewives are taking up my TV time. I NEED MONEY NOW.
by lilcamifromcali August 09, 2011
1. The ultimate pimp who uses her five daughters to obtain mountains of cash by passing them around to various athletes and musicians. And making them pose in age inappropriate clothing for a magazine in Australia.

2. A mother who leaks sex tapes of her children.
1. Kris Jenner is a wonderful mother and wins the mother/madam of the year award.

2. Wow! Your mom released your sex tape too!? Our moms are total Kris Jenners.
by Madambananapeel May 27, 2014
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