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A mythical Nepali creature often mistaken for a fanciful unicorn. Kripa appears violent when she is seen attacking innocent bystanders (and many fear her for that reason), but is actually one of the kindest creatures known to man. She never fails to make her observers laugh by making a complete fool of herself in the most charming way. Observers should be aware that Kripa is especially prone to making loud noises reminiscent of an animal in distress, being distracted by shiny things, and being extremely cuddly (she is approximately cuddlier than a teddy bear, but -- despite the resemblance -- slightly less cuddly than a real bear).
Example: Oh hey there. That Kripa is too awesomazetasticalicious for school.
by sugaliciousaur June 20, 2011
1.god's grace
2.mercy, compassion, grace
by tru0123456789 April 19, 2010
Neha Sharad Purohit's Guardian Angel!
hoLLa bitch!
by Neha February 02, 2004