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synonym for: nerd,geek,dweeb,dork
That David is such a krelboyne scored 99 on the exam.
by mattias February 01, 2005
another word for geek/nerd/dork. can also be used to describe douche canoes and ppl u don't like. originating from Malcolm in the Middle, it is a derogatory term for the kids in the gifted class, also known as krelboyne class.
"hey i bought a pack of magic the gathering cards yesterday, wanna check them out?"
"magic the gathering? god, dude, ur such a krelboyne."
by johnny knoxville February 24, 2014
someone who is gifted
that guy is so good. he must be a krelboyne
by mybig September 01, 2009
The school's genius, nerds.
Larry and I were going out to lunch after class, when we saw an innocent krelboyne strutting about. We grabbed him and threw him in the garbage faster than you can say E=MC2.
by todjohn June 30, 2008