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A condition where your conscious over rides your desire to have sex with hot young groupies who follow your band.
What a couple of Kreellers, they never get laid. That guy has a case of the Kreel, either that or his wife is in the bar. I had the Kreel once, but I am better now. Divorce is the best cure for the Kreel.
by Scammer Steve April 05, 2008
Small minded weasley little person. Generally spends a lot of time doing solitary things, including masterbation.
i split up with my wife, all my family died and got made redundant. feeling like a bit of a kreel now.
by scott October 08, 2003
1) A combination of 'cool' and 'keeping it real', kreel describes something that is both down to earth, and incredibly fucking badass.
2) (of a person) An individual held in high esteem and is able to defy social norms without scrutiny and able to maintain prestige.
"DJ Danger Mouse is kreel. He makes me feel. Connected to the moon."
"Dude, what the hell is he wearing?" "Nah, that's Brett, that guy's kreel as shit."
by Eleanora Eros August 18, 2011
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