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Kraftwerk a Krautrock/German band that started Techno/Eletronica. As they were the first band to use only synthesizers. Their music is the root influence of current day music such as; Rap, Hip Hop, Techno, Alternative and many other genres music.
"Whoot! There It Is" and other Rap songs' BEATS would not have been possible without the transformation of Kraftwerk's electronic influences.
by vv March 09, 2004
Possibly the greatest electro techno style group ever! One of Germanys finest exports! An extremely big hit in the 80s. No one should dis them they are great.
Hey Hawker put some Kraftwerk on!!!!
by Hawker February 13, 2004
German techno/pop band that surfaced in the 70's. Very popular in Germany as well as the US. Recently created a new CD called "Tour de France". Technologically themed concerts.
Kraftwerk is one awesome group.
by Will September 05, 2003
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