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In Egyptian, one would say that she is a Goddess of the Arts of Sex and Sensual Appearances. She is gifted in the arts of pleasure. She is loved by all men who have a penis. She can get horny at times, but is not afraid of showing her "wild" side.
"I hooked up with a koryn!"
by aussiedawg March 14, 2008
A really cool girl, who is respectable and is a track star. She doesn't think she's good at anything, but she's wrong. She's also mentioned in the Lil' Wayne song "Love Me."
"Hey is that Koryn?"
"Yeah isn't she awesome?"
"Oh yeah I'm super jealous of her!"
" I know, she's even in one of Lil' Wayne's songs!!"
by Thebestfriendever April 08, 2013