Me and Jamal left school to walk down to Edgar's house and buy some korn
by The Happy Toker January 23, 2012
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the best fucking band in the fucking world, and founders of nu metal.......... freak on a leash was legendary. SYOTOS and untitled were travesties

srry KoRn, love you tho.
(some little pric dipshit male asshole fucker) KoRn sux my dick, i hope jonathan davis never sings again!!!!!

(me) ur a fag and you have no life, go the fuck home with ur daddy issues, and do us all favors and jump down a fucking drain. or better yet go suck ur daddys dick, cuz thats wat ur good at.........

(some little pric dipshit male asshole fucker) sobbing: i have a lil penis. (runs home)
by Krtwafi May 13, 2010
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The skin uniting your balls and your ass in a male's case. In a Female's case it would unite her poon with her asshole.
Boyfriend: There's hair on my Korn
Girlfriend: how do you know?
Boyfriend: I got kicked there and I noticed the hair when I looked at it.
Girlfriend: I love a man with a hairy Korn.
by Shitbrickk October 07, 2016
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