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A song by Korn that made them very famous.

The video is excellent and one of the best videos of 1999!
Freak on a Leash was at Korn's high point. After Woodstock 99 it all pretty much went downhill.
by Bloody Cape January 03, 2005
A song by KoRn, Metal gods, probably one of the biggest hits they made. Excellent Vid.

A retard on a length of string maybe? Ever seen jet Li, Unleashed. that wuold be one...
daffeni "like omg like what is she like doing girlfriend?"
Garbeldina "i like totally dont know, omfg wtf its totally mingin' like"
by aaron_5 August 13, 2005
one who should be kept in a straight jacket and muzzle due to their overall bizarreness.
"Rick James is such a freak on a leash."

by she who says meow July 23, 2004
a phrase of description used when the word freak is simply not a large enough word to contain their freakishness. (the person being described probably belong on a leash too.)they are either extremely weird, perverted, or stalkerish.
Person #1: OMG did that freak on a leash Cameron just start humping your shoulder for no reason? EWWWW!
Person #2: EW now i have to burn my sweater!
Person #1: Omg what is that kid Noah wearing? A SILVER TUXEDO? WHAT?
Person #2: wow what a freak on a leash
Person #1: Is that CAMERON peering through your WINDOW? EEKKKKKK! ITS A FREAK ON A LEASH!
Person #2: No smart one, thats your reflection. But Cameron IS a freak on a leash
by Beckley April 26, 2009
A person who is in a committed relationship but is cheating, the leash signifies them not being able to move about freely for dates, hook ups etc.
My freak on a leash came by early Saturday morning for a quick romp before going to get her hair done.
by Bishop Sin October 28, 2009
what u call sumone thats weird, or a freak , well the WORD says it all!

"OMG celeste is such a freak on a leash !!!!what is she DOING!"
by marina August 30, 2003
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