Band reigning from Bakersfield, CA that formed in 1993. Contrary to popular belief that Korn created nu-metal, they merely popularized a genre that was already appearing in the late 80's. The members of the band are:

- Jonathan Davis (Vocals/Bagpipes)
- James "Munky" Shaffer (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)
- Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Bass)
- David Silveria (Drums)
- Ex-member Brian "Head" Welch (Lead Guitar)

They have released seven full-legnth albums to date. Chronologically, they are:

- Korn (1994)
- Life Is Peachy (1996)
- Follow The Leader (1998)
- Issues (1999)
- Untouchables (2002)
- Take A Look In The Mirror (2003)
- See You On The Other Side (2005)

Fans of Korn are often categorized as stupid mallcore teens who don't know metal for shit. I disagree with this. While a few fans of Korn might be, I think the majority of them like metal in all its forms, myself included. I never understood what metalheads are trying to accomplish by saying Korn sucks. If they're hoping Korn will stop because of it, all I have to say is "" If they're hoping that the fans will stop listening, then that's stupid, why do you care what we listen to? It appeals to us musically, does that mean we are forbidden to listen to the gods of metal like "Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Black Label Society, etc."? No, it shouldn't
Korn Fan: Korn rocks man.
Metalhead: Dude why do you listen to nu metal? It sucks.
Korn Fan: Because it sounds good. Why do you hate it so much?
Metalhead: It makes legends like Dimebag look bad.
Korn Fan: But it sounds good.
Metalhead: Whatever...I shouldn't care what you listen to.
by jdctcg666 June 23, 2007
Top Definition
The Godfathers of Nu-Metal. Inspired by 80's metal. Now copied by a bunch of poser bands. WTF. Even Metallica tried to copy their sound in St.Anger with sucked horribly but Metallica is still the greatest band. Korn is one of the few bands were are not completely controlled by the record producers.
And fuck, what the hell are u guys talking about.... Only goths listen to Korn? sTfu.
Quote They use "studio magic" to make it sound good at all. Have you been to a live show. The effects and vocals are all done themselves and sound exactly like the CD's
They were the first band to come out with that sound and were copied by crappy bands and put in a bunch of dumb catagories and had lots of good songs and albums and are now bashed by a bunch of fagots.
They have lots of respect from bands in the metal scene and u guys should f off
Lars Ulrich:I have so much respect for those guys, to them we are their peers(mtv icon metallica)
by MasterofPuppets January 26, 2005
Carved into at least 90% of desks in Junior High Schools across the country. Backwards "R" mandatory.
"koRn is an accurate representation of the the agnst I feel as a white, susburban 13 year old" *carve, carve*
by JakeStar May 03, 2005
The band who pioneered the genre known as nu-metal. Like other musical pioneeres, such as Sex Pistols or Nirvana, they started out as a small garage band until their original, unique sound was discovered. Hated by poptarts and thrashers alike (Too heavy for poptarts, too prog for thrashers), they have nonetheless become quite popular. Most nu-metal bands are trying to emulate their sound, for example, Slipknot, and some were even originally signed by Korn, for example, Limp Bizkit.

Korn have a unique guitar sound caused by almost alarmingly loose strings. They fuse elements of grunge, punk, heavy metal, speed metal, folk music and hip-hop into their numbers. The band had 5 founding members:
Jonathan Davis - The frontman, singer and bagpiper. An American Scot whose heritage has led to use of bagpipes in the music and wearing of a kilt.
Fieldy - An unfortunately poor bass player.
Munky - A quite impressive lead guitarist.
Head - The rhythm guitarist. He has now, to the dismay of fans, left the band to use his music to propagate Christianity. (If you ask me, Christianity is doing just fine, but to each his own.)
David Silveria - The drummer, and a very talented one at that. When he auditioned to Head, Munky and Fieldy, he was mocked because he was so young; his skill impressed them to the extent that he was immediately accepted.

Korn have sold out more than once, and the result has been some godawful albums. They have, in the past, realised the error in their ways and returned to their roots.
Korn fan: It's a pity Head left Korn, isn't it?
Thrasher/Poptart: No. They suck.


I am avoiding the argument about Korn's musical quality.
by Switch March 13, 2005
Innovators of the heavy metal subgenre we now know as nu-metal or aggro-rock. Korn currently consist of 4 members now that rhythm guitarist Head has departed the band; Jonathan Davis, a great frontman and talented vocalist, Munky, a rather average guitarist (along with Head), Fieldy, a pretty slick bassist who greatly defines the band's sound, and Dave Silveria, an underrated and highly talented drummer. KoRn is known for their heavy sound, low-tuned guitars and dark themes and humour.

KoRn has many devoted fans around the world who love them for the music, not because of some poseur teen-angst image complex. It is because of these poseurs that many people hate KoRn, basing their opinion on the fact that many people who like the band shop at Hot Topic and suck at life, so the band must suck too. In reality, KoRn are respected by musicians as innovators, and famous because their sound simply kicks ass. KoRn acknowledges the fact that their recent albums have been sub-par due to wiggerism and promises to return to their roots in their next album. Hey, at least they admit it and learn from it, unlike some bands who use the phrase "people don't like it just because it's different" as an excuse for their crapiness.

In conclusion, you don't have to like KoRn... just don't hate on them for stupid reasons. A lot of people think "real" metal bands like Iron Maiden and Lamb of God suck too, so keep that in mind when you bash them.
KoRn may not be the most technical band out there, but they are original and talented.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 23, 2005
A hard rock band that formed in the early-mid nineties. They started becoming successful with hits such as Freak on a Leash, Got the life, and Falling Away from me. They became a huge success in the late nineties. Personally im a huge fan. Ill probably get a bunch of thumbs down from people who dislike korn or who just feel like it. Oh well.
DUDEWHOHATESKORN: WOW this kid likes korn. Thumbs down .
by tarbarmcarl April 14, 2006
The Best nu-metal band in the whole fuckin' world, ne1 out there who slags them off needs to die and come back as something useful.
wow korn rule their lyrics rock! and the tune is excellent!
by kornkid666 July 27, 2003
Corn with a K.
by Joe July 28, 2003

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