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koop to shake hands. show you are freinds
Kim: aw go on koop him
by Clairey122 October 02, 2006
1) To be crazy.
2) To be a bad driver.
"That damn Koop struck again!"
by Jamiraqua April 26, 2006
the act of splooging, jizzing, or releasing man fluids onto a girl's face; ejactulation; owning a face.
i'll give you 7 dollars if you let me koop on your face.
by delicious monkey December 08, 2006
When a guest at your home poops and the toilet refuses to flush for whatever reason, resulting in a large stank. Kooping is followed by a face of regret, disappointment and overall embarrassment with regard to the incident. Pretty much the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to someone would be to koop.
Dingo 1: Dude, did Kara just koop in there?

Dingo 2: She totally kooped, and it was a big one too. It's gonna smell for the rest of the week at least.
by Harry Drackett September 01, 2010
Compliment designed for large breasts intended to be accompanied by a cupping/fondling of the said breasts.

Chazzly: God damn bitch! Those breasts are straight up KOOP!
Maxine: Thank you very much. I'm extremely flattered. I'm rather enjoying your touch...shall we continue this in the bedroom?
by Fizzly June 05, 2006
n. A man of great flamboyance and homoseuality; any individual whom may be user of high sheen and/or flashy 42-sided trianges; One sick son of a bitch!

v. To ruin or decrease and specified object in value (monitary, sentimental, or otherwise); To have very little or negative aesthetic value; The act of editing poorly; To do much of anything poorly.
Look at that kooped up ricemobile. Only Koop would dare think that looks good?
by Onsokumaru November 06, 2006
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