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smilin' in somebody face when you just got done talkin about them behind their back or you know they dont like you
say fool you see how that hoe kool-aidin' in my fuckin face? she know damn well i dont like her ugly ass
by dallas chick 2004 September 08, 2004
Bullsh*ttin or frontin'. From Dallas,Tx
Why you keep kool-aidin'?
by Treeballa July 23, 2004
Relaxing, chilling, just being easy

comes from the word cooling
what's up what you doing tonight

nothing just koolaidin with my girl
by bigboibtr July 15, 2009
When one (male or female) places kool aid powder onto a females vaginal lips and clitoris and applies water to there own tongue and lips. They then proceed to "slurp" the kool aid off the vaginal region. This creates the tasty drink and removes that fish taste. Hence the name, "Kool Aidin"
Guy 1: Bro I kool aided Britney so good last night, i couldn't even taste the fish!
Guy 2: Dude I wish my girlfriend would let me preform kool aidin' on her!
by Sheesh Bab No Fus January 24, 2016
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