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Propaganda brewed for mass consumption.
E.g.: Bart drank the Bush administration's Kool-Aid about the war in Iraq, and got his ass pwned in Baghdad.
by lilchen October 11, 2005
What black people love to drink and/or eat with sugar.
-Damn! Nigga, Kool-Aid's on sale 20packs for a dolla!!
-Nigga, I only got 25 cents!
-Nigga please.
by texasraised March 31, 2006
1. Drink consisting of water and sugar, and lots of food coloring.

2. Possessions, specifically women and/or money.
You want some koolaid?

You think you can just get into my koolaid?
by mrfer April 07, 2003
A refreshing, sugary, cyanide laced drink used to kill off large numbers of cult members. Usually grape or cherry flavored.
Jim Jones killed all kinds of motherfuckers, by having them drink Kool Aid.
by JOHN GHERARDI November 02, 2006
A man's personal property. Specifically his girl.
Back off my kool aid.
by quoi January 03, 2005
sugar water+purple or red= kool-aid
White person:Hey you want some grape juice?
Black Person:Juice? Nigga what is juice? I want some grape drink baby.
White person:Grape drink???
Black person:kool-aid nigga!!! Sugar water purple!!!
kool-aid Jug:oooohhh yeeaaah!!!
White person:.......
by kool-aid lover February 28, 2007
A group of nigga's that all have AIDS!
All these jive-ass turkeys belong to the kool aids gang!
by Wun Hung Lo December 20, 2005