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An old test used for studying; this lingo is used exclusive at Virginia Tech.
Student 1: Are you worried about the big test?
Student 2: Nah, I used a koofer to study...
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 18, 2006
An educational website that helps students through college -
I checked out Koofers for all my college classes and it really helped me out!
by Koofers December 28, 2009
The unbalanced professional act of eating a girl out while she is taking a poop.
Landon's addiction to koofer(s) began at a young age when his handicapped classmate dragged him into the bathroom.
by commodoresmokey September 27, 2010
A Koofer is someone who kicks a pidgeon. A Koof on the other hand is the noise a pidgeon makes when it is kicked, usually by a Koofer, HARD.
Koof! I the Koofer just Koofed the Koof outta that Koof machine!
by CompareTheMeerkatz July 24, 2009
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