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a pussy, female genitalia
"Andy gets all the kooch he wants."
by andy April 09, 2003
another word for monged, cotching, kush. generally being relaxed and/or drunk/high, feeling the world slow down. when kooching, one experiences slow often slurred speech.
invented accidently on a drunk golf course raid
shit mate, im so drunk. i need to kooch out somewhere

that bean bag looks so kooch

my bed was so kooch after that all nighter
by gibbss January 03, 2009
My good friend, Dennis Kucinich.
"No, we are not going negative on the Kooch."
by John Edwards January 25, 2004
A boy from the country is called kooch. Normally Kooch's are really tall. WOW. They live in the middle of nowhere.
The Kooch boys are soooooooo tall and they are nice. They are from the country
by Stieny February 26, 2007
Slang for Ed Koch. The former mayor of New York City.
The Kooch is the Shiznit!
by T-Boy August 03, 2004
A game involving a koosh ball. The players stand in a circle and throw a ball at each other trying to make others miss. If one drops the ball, they are out. Ends in a showdown between two players with throws resembling baseball pitches. Best if played outside, optimal for camping trips because all that is needed is a koosh ball. The name stems from koosh (the ball). Developed into kooch as the inventors were a group of men out of contact with women for two weeks.
Guy1: Let's go play some kooch.
Guy2: Alright. I'll beat you in the showdown.
by Caribou November 08, 2005
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